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Sebelumnya sudah ramai akan renderan dari Young Machine yang merekayasa desain dari Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R 2016 yang akan memiliki bentuk batok kepala mirip Ninja H2, majalah ternama dari jepang ini sering akurat dalam merender motor yang akan muncul ke publik. Nach sekarang justru pihak kawasaki jepang yang merilis informasi awal tentang Ninja ZX-10R 2016 bahkan sebuah teaser dimunculkan.

Yup, kawasaki akan segera merilis model anyar dari Ninja ZX-10R, dari informasi yang ada disebutkan bahwa Ninja ZX-10R akan mengusung livery motor superbike yang saat ini sedang berjaya bersama Tom sykhes dan Jonathan Rea, Prestasi membanggakan di superbike akan membawa atmosfir di motor Ninja ZX-10R jika sebelumnya kawasaki juga merilis Ninja RR Mono livery superbike. Untuk desain dari Ninja ZX-10R akan mengalami perubahan total dibagian depan dan kabarnya sich sudah memakai lampu LED.

Kawasaki mengumumkan bahwa media2 akan diundang dalam sebuah perilisan Ninja ZX-10R di barcelona spanyol bulan oktober 2015 bulan depan. Kita tunggu saja dech semoga cepat masuk indonesia juga.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R 2016

Berikut press release dari kawasaki :

A dominant force in the World Superbike Championship. Kawasaki is set to continue the development of the highly successful road going Ninja ZX-10R concept with the imminent unveiling of a new model featuring a host of updates influenced by the Kawasaki Racing Team.

Possessing a direct link to the Superbike that Tom Sykes successfully campaigned to secure the 2013 WSBK Championship so convincingly, and that was subsequently honed to take Jonathan Rea to such success in the current season, the new litre class Ninja displays only some of its many changes on the surface – such as subtle yet highly effective changes to the cowling shape – with others only becoming apparent as you get closer to the thoroughbred machine; the most obvious of these being a comprehensive upgrade of the suspension components and the adoption of a premium grade braking system.

Appropriate then that the marketing campaign tag-line for the new machine is “Get Closer” and, very soon, invited journalists from around the globe will see the 2016 Ninja ZX-10R up close and personal for the very first time in October at an exclusive media launch hosted alongside the Kawasaki Racing Team in Barcelona, Spain.

“This is not a “clean sheet” design as the current Ninja ZX-10R is such a good base to develop from”, commented Project Leader for KHI, Yoshimoto Matsuda.

“With the new model we have focussed our development resources on an overall engineering and performance improvement. We are proud of the result; it means a significant advance in terms of both chassis and engine performance as well as providing the platform to introduce new, state of the art rider aids and other technology.

“The input the KHI development team has received from the Kawasaki Racing Team, and riders, Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes has created what we are sure many will feel is the most competitive and potent Ninja ZX-10R yet. A motorcycle equally at home on the race track or as a highly responsive daily riding road machine.”


  1. Berita kaya gini nih yg gua demen,adem….nggak bikin ribut…mungkin karena beritanya khusus untuk orang yg berduit….nggak kaya orang2 memble & cekak,motor bebek/ayago yg cuma 150cc aja ributnya minta ampun……..wkwkwkwkwkwk…ngoahahahahahah…..


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